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The laws of health and wellbeing energy

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

I was never a big fan of physics at school. Talking about the electrons, atoms, the Big Bang theory, quantum physics never had much appeal to me. Learning about different types of energy, how energy is created, and how the Sun is involved is definitely important to know from an academic point of view, ok life too but, again, somehow it never had much appeal to me.

In popular culture, we often state that ‘we don’t have any energy’, ‘we want to increase our energy, ‘we’re burnout’ (as we’re lacking energy), or ‘we want to get our energy back’.

Now, I’m not going to go into explaining the big theories of Newton, Einstein, or the gentlemen like Julius Robert von Mayer, James Prescott Joule, and Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand von Helmholtz (by the way if you never heard of them, they discovered the foundation of the law of conservation of energy: Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be transformed from one form to another). It would be a very hard job, and most likely I don’t think I would do a great job of trying to explain it to you.

But I’m going to tell you how to use the laws of physics to get your energy back in your life. And what's more, in the spirit of formulating laws of physics, let’s create laws of energy for your optimal health and wellbeing.

‘Being at work’

The first concept of energy was used by Aristotle, somewhere between 384BC-322BC. It simply started that energy means being at work. And although this is an old concept, and it definitely had a different meaning in ancient Greece, you can see how this is true in your life today. You feel energetic when you are occupied with something you’re interested in, work on that important project, go for a run, or live your ultimate purpose. Or any variation of it. It simply means you are at work.

We can’t be certain what Aristotle had in mind when he said what he said, but notice how through some play with words, the focus is on ‘being’ not the ‘doing’. Your energy is already inside you. To access it you may need to look within to see how to dig it up and bring it to the surface. And that’s the first law of health and wellbeing energy: to create the energy you need to do the things which matter to you, you need to focus on being.

Focusing on being rather than doing, is much easier said than done. From all over the world, you hear that you need to be ‘doing something’ aka producing, meeting KPIs, and creating different forms of work. If the creation process is aligned with your true purpose, then this will create energy. You will have the energy to hop off the bed in the morning wanting to face the day, you will have the energy to go to the gym, exercise, bake that birthday cake, call that client or work on your dissertation. You are fuelled from inside through being.

Think if what you are doing when you are at work, energises you (Note that by work I don’t mean the actual job you perform for any form of compensation, I mean the way how you live your life). If you are in a job, which doesn’t fulfill you, if you are stuck in a toxic relationship, if you are going down the self-criticism spiral, you drain your energy. You get my point here, and there are different forms of ‘energy leaks’, but ultimately it all goes down to your being.

Looking at your health and recognising where your energy is not aligned with your true being, will help you to assess it, and take action towards generating the being which will increase your energy.

The more you are in an alignment with your true nature or what some of us describe as ‘calling’ (or whatever you want to name it), will move you closer to your optimal health and wellbeing.

This will also move you onto the second law of health and wellbeing energy and that is that energy creates energy.

Energy creates energy

You’ve heard of the concept of multiplying, right? If you have something and you multiply it, then you have more of that ‘something’. Anyone who works as a financial advisor, stoke broker, or any other profession associated with money, can easily give us some advice on how to multiply our funds, to well yeah have more. And you can do exactly the same with your health and wellbeing energy.

Going back to the foundation of how energy is being powered by the Sun, another source of energy, we can apply the concept of energy creates energy. The more energetic you are, the more additional energy you can create. Have you noticed how you go for a walk, run or go to a gym to do some form of physical activity (create energy), you feel like you can go and change the world (create more energy)? You are energised to tackle another thing, another project, another task. This is because you created energy which created even more energy, and you can keep on going.

And have you noticed how non-energy creates non-energy? How often have you said to yourself that you don’t feel like doing anything while sitting on the couch in front of a TV? Or how you don’t have the energy to apply for a different job while spending your days working a meaningless job which drains your creativity?

Unfortunately, but as energy is being created by energy, lack of energy creates more lack of it. The more fulfilling activities you can incorporate into your day, the more energy you will have to do the things which really matter to you. Being in your optimal health and wellness means to be energetic, and to create healthy energy to tackle whatever life throws at you.

You may argue that it’s hard to create energy when you have none. I know how you are feeling. I used to suffer from depression for a really long time. I tried a lot of different methods to fight it, but the only one which was coming back to me over and over was to physically move. Anyone who is even remotely suffering from depression, or any other mood disorder for that matter, knows that the last thing you want to do when you feel down, is to move. But no matter what I tried, nothing worked until I physically moved. The more energy I created, the more energy I had to create.

So, can you.

Focus on how your healthy energy is being created and multiply it.

The Sun

The third law of health and wellbeing energy is closely related to yet, another law of physics. The source of life on Earth is the Sun. And energy comes from the Sun. That energy comes to earth, it undergoes a process called photosynthesis which can be found in plants (that’s probably the most basic and simplistic explanation of a very complex process but we’re not into obtaining a Ph.D. in physics here). What I want to highlight here is that the source of energy for your health and wellbeing is in the plants.

To feel the energy in your body, you need to fuel your body with energy. The more ‘energy sourced’ foods you consume the more mechanical energy you would have to use. Going vegan may not be on your ‘to-do’ list to obtain energy, but it doesn’t have to be. By simply adding more vegetables into your diet, you are putting the universal energy from the Sun into your body. You are using the ultimate source of energy and transferring that power onto yourself.

And the good news here is that the source of that energy has no limits. The volume, quality, and quantity are purely dependent on you, but from the second law of health and wellbeing energy, you know now that the more energy you obtain, the more energy you will create.


I never knew that physics can be fun. There may be a lot of laws and concepts which may seem unfamiliar or too complex to you, but nevertheless, they can be used in your daily-non-academical-life to build your optimal health and wellbeing.

The first law of health and wellbeing energy tells you that when you focus on the ‘being’ part rather than the ‘doing’ part in your life, you can create energy. Immersing yourselves in the being of doing work that is meaningful, purposeful, and which brings you joy, will give you the energy you need to do the things you want to do.

The second law of health and wellbeing energy is the old classic of multiplying our energy. If something brings you energy and lifts you up, keep on doing it, create more energy by creating even more energy. Remove all the energy drains and leaks because they work against you.

And the third law of health and wellbeing energy tells you to simply follow the universal source of energy: the Sun. The more plants you incorporate into your diet, the more energy you will have to be and do what you know you are truly here to master.

So, which of the laws of health and wellbeing energy are you going to follow today?

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