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The Wholehearted Diet

Discover the power of plant-based eating, stress less, and have more energy!

Are you ready to nourish yourself from the inside out? Learn the foundation of eating a plant-based diet, how to lower your stress, so that you start making healthier food choices and manage your time better.


If you want to eat healthier and start a plant-based diet, you’re not alone. It may feel scary and overwhelming. It may be hard to get all the nutrients and know what to eat. You may even think eating a plant-based diet is too much, too challenging, or too difficult.


You may wonder why it is so hard to eat whole foods than settle for the less nutrient-dense. Well, it’s not because of a lack of willpower.


Trust me, it is possible to have mental and physical energy and even thrive by eating a plant-based diet. And I know that you can do it. You already took the first step by coming here.


In The Wholehearted diet you’ll learn what it means to eat healthy, the foundation of plant-based eating (+ healthy sources of your proteins, fats, and carbohydrates), and how to de-stress, so you can build lasting wellness. You’ll even get recipes, so you can implement what you’ve learned straight away! 


Join me on a wellness journey so that you can start making healthier food choices, find the time for the things that matter to you (cooking anyone?), de-stress, and become the most amazing you.


You’ve got this!


I’m Anna and I’m a certified Health and Wellness Coach. I coach on how to stress less, make healthier food choices, and have more time and energy for things that truly matter.


But above all, I’m an advocate for body-mind connection, using food as medicine and incorporating body movement strategies to overcome daily stressors. 

I have been following a plant-based diet for over twenty years, most of it as a full vegan. I also did I quit sugar and Carbohydrates Two Week Test and removed processed sugar from my diet.


I love to write, and I’ve been published in Thrive Global, Elephant Journal, The Burnout Club, Beam Magazine, Coast2Bay Magazine, and Sivana East to name a few.  

And I can’t wait for you to embrace the wholehearted diet!

                           Anna xoxo

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