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7 books you need to read to conquer stress

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

I’ve recently had the pleasure of chatting with a confidence coach on a podcast (listen here if you’ve missed it!) and I got asked what was that one thing, one person, or a thought that made me to take action and deal with the struggles I was facing.

My tools of the trades have always been books. I’m a bookworm and would start any search for clues there.

But the point of our conversation was that in order to take any action, to do anything, to change the situation you are in right now, you need to educate yourself. It was Einstein who said that you can’t solve a problem with a mind which created the problem in the first place. And that’s so true!

If you don’t know how to build a house, you still won’t know how to do it, if you sit with the same skill set, knowledge, and expertise. No matter how long you sit in this state. You need to go and educate yourself.

Of course, this is obvious. Yet so many of us keep sitting in the same state of stress, overwhelm, making the same unhealthy choices, and being surprised there are no positive changes.

I used to complain about my depression for years, yet I wasn’t educating myself to find alternative ways of overcoming it.

Now, don’t be harsh on yourself. Sometimes it’s hard to see you need the extra support when you can’t see a different perspective.

And that’s why in today’s blog post I want to share with you the 7 books you need to read to conquer stress and overwhelm, so you can live your life to the fullest. And when you’re at it, go and grab this downloadable5 planning strategies to manage your time better so you can achieve more and feel in control of your day cheat sheet to help you to find this most precious resources you have -TIME!

Book #1 The Power of Now Eckhart Tolle

The first book I reached out to was the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. When we live in the state of stress and overwhelm, we either stress about the past or feel overwhelmed about the future. But life happens now.

To understand that there is power in the now, to be present at this moment, to live fully can be very refreshing. This book helped me to gain some perspective on my state of depression, to the overwhelm and burnout I felt. Because first, you need to gain some distance to be able to recognise that something needs to be done.

Book #2 Tao Te Ching

When you start shifting your focus on what is happening in your present moment, right now, and how you are being reactive to yours today, you may want to dive a little bit deeper into the meaning of life.

This ancient text takes you on a more philosophical journey, but the ever-present wisdom can give you the inspiration you need to face the day with all its glory. Our life is really a journey, a way forward, and seeing it in a bigger picture can definitely be intriguing.

Book #3 The power is within you Louise L. Hay

When I started my healing journey, I wasn’t putting much value in affirmations. But The power is within you is mostly about our internal self-talk and how to change our negative self-talk into more inspiring one.

The true power is within you after all and the way how you talk to yourself, how you feel about yourself makes all the difference. If you tell yourself that you can’t do something, you won’t do it. After all, you don’t want to be wrong, right? But if your self-talk is affirming and more supportive of your capabilities, you will find that special power within you.

Once you become your biggest supporter and champion, you will see shifts in the way you think and start taking meaningful steps forward.

Book #4 When the body says no Gabor Mate

To understand yourself is to understand the importance of the body-mind connection. Following the research by Gabor Mate, a renovated addiction, trauma, and stress expert, our bodies send signals all the time to tell us what is going on. Unfortunately, we stopped paying attention to those signals and that’s why after years or decades of neglect our immune systems can’t cope with the trauma, emotional stress, or addictions anymore and serious illnesses develop.

The message here is to listen when our bodies say no and act before it’s too late. The mind-body connection is not to be ignored if we want to live in a healthy body and mind.

Book #5 The body keeps the score Bessel Kolk

Our bodies are really marvels. We remember on a cellular level all the traumas that happened to us. Unfortunately, any unhealed traumas, oppressed emotions, unresolved feelings are being stored deep within us. If we let them sit there, sooner or later, they will come up to the surface and create havoc to our immune system, our emotional state, and ultimately our life.

Bessel Kolk tells us that our bodies keep the score, so it’s important to look after ourselves and keep on building our health and wellbeing.

Book #6 The power of habit Charles Duhigg

Have you ever wondered why you behave the way you behave? Why do you act the way you act? Or most importantly how to change the way you react so next time when you’re stressed you can choose a different response?

Well, it all comes down to habits. We are creatures of habits and everything we do is a habit. The power of habit explains what habits are and how they are built. Charles Duhigg gives tips as to how to create healthier habits or change existing habits so they can support us better. The book tells us how our reward system works, and why we need habits to be productive and capable of achieving anything we want.

Book #7 The Answer Allen and Barbara Pease

The Answer holds a lot of answers to a lot of questions, especially when you’re ready to make meaningful changes in your life. The book is packed with actionable steps you can take any moment to improve any area of your life, as well as it contains little pockets of knowledge which will help you to understand yourself better and gain a fresh perspective.

The answer here is, when will you take your first step to make the changes you want to make?


So, there you have it. What’s on your reading list?

It doesn’t need to be a book, it can be a podcast, another person, or a piece of information that can make all the difference in your life.

Action comes from clarity. Therefore, changing your current state needs to start with taking action towards obtaining knowledge and using it to help you take that first step. Sometimes all it’s needed is a different perspective on the matter in hand.

And this downloadable 5 planning strategies to manage your time better so you can achieve more and feel in control of your day cheat sheet to help you to find this most precious resources you have right now!

Having problems with managing your time? Go on: to find out more about Anna Doktor Wellness Coaching and how I can help you to beat the overwhelm once and for all. Alternatively, send me an email at or call to have a chat to see how we can work together tel: 0498016440.

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