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Thursday 25th May 2023
12.30pm AEST/1.30pm AEDT/6.30pm PT (26th April)


A 3-step ROADMAP to Regain Your Mental and Physical Energy

This FREE 60 min MASTERCLASS will take you from ‘stuck’ to moving, from stressed to confident, and from overwhelmed to in control. Even if you don’t know how to start or how you’ll get there yet!


Let me take a wild guess and say that you’ve tried going on a diet before, lose weight, create the prettiest to-do lists, or fit gym sessions in between work and family. But you still felt overwhelmed and like there is not enough hours in the day to do it all. You still didn’t have the energy you needed because:

  • You cramped everything on your to-do list but didn’t have a clear plan for when or how you will do it all

  • You felt anxious

  • You lost motivation

  • You wrote your tasks but never moved on them

  • You followed through at the beginning, but then life got in the way, and you felt there was no point

Quick Question:

What would your life look like if you:

  • Had the energy to pursue your dreams

  • Had time for your family

  • Exercised daily

  • Enjoyed cooking again

  • Stopped the sugar craving rollercoaster

  • Loved your body again

  • Fit into your favourite pair of jeans

  • Felt confident

  • Were productive and got things done

Regaining mental and physical energy has never been easier.

It may be hard to believe but feeling energetic, focused, productive, and in control of your day is possible. All it takes is the willingness to shift your perspective and my 3-step framework to follow.

In this FREE MASTERCLASS, you will get the 3-Step Framework.

No more guesswork, disappointment, anxiety, or going on a self-guilt trip.


Join me in this FREE MASTERCLASS and you’ll learn:

The impact stress has on EVERYTHING you do in life, from your thoughts, moods, food choices, motivation, and planning, all the way to weight gain, sugar cravings, anxiety, and low energy. You’ll learn a new way to manage stress.

The step-by-step framework for having more mental and physical energy, so that you can maintain it in a SUSTAINABLE way. Just because you deserve to feel energetic Every.Single.Day.

How to reclaim your time by using the latest scientific productivity tools. Hint: To-Do-List is so passe! Learn what are the most powerful tools, so that you have the time for things that truly matter. Trust me, this will change your life! I mean it!

How to IMPLEMENT all that you’ve learned and troubleshoot any roadblocks. Knowing something is not enough. You need to use that knowledge to create MOMENTUM and get the RESULTS you want.

The core principles of a healthy diet so that you nourish yourself from the inside out and see how your physical energy skyrockets!

But above all

You get into ACTION by implementing the 3-step framework there and then, troubleshooting with Yours Truly,

and creating a plan

so you can STICK to it.


If you don’t have the energy to get up in the morning, it’s going to be very hard to meet all the commitments, responsibilities, and challenges life throws at you.

You can’t go on feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and tired all the time. Life is too short for that!

Research shows that 45% of us feel low energy consistently.

You need a SUSTAINABLE way to build your health and wellness.

So, there is only one thing left. Are you ready to regain your energy and beat the overwhelm?
I bet it’s a hell yes!


Hi I'm Anna

What if I told you that you CAN eat healthier, lose weight, feel better in your body, stress less, find time for things that matter, or have the energy and confidence to thrive in your life?


It’s always hard to get started, but trust me, the path to more energy is available to you.

A few years ago, I was stressed, overwhelmed, and going through depression, burnout, and grief. I didn’t know how to get out of the state, but I didn’t like where I was going.


So, I decided to figure it out. I submerged myself in research, learning, and coaching practice to find a HEALTHIER way of wellness.

I combine behavioural science, neuroscience, Cognitive Behavioural Techniques (CTB), and psychology, with mind-body connection practices and PRACTICALITY.  


So you not only get the tools but I'll show you how to use them in the most effective way possible.

I am committed to teaching you simple step-by-step strategies to have energy, make better food choices, stress less, and feel confident in your body and mind. Why?


Because You Deserve It.

As Seen In

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I was feeling stressed and anxious and didn’t know where to start, I was feeling very overwhelmed. I was having problems with managing my time and staying focused.

My anxiety got so bad that I was holding my breath in the evening, not sleeping very well and feeling restless.


During the session with Anna, we created a step-by-step plan that I can easily follow. Anna coached me around feeling overwhelmed and time management, as well as helping me to build a morning routine, prioritize my tasks and stop being reactive throughout the day.


Thanks to Anna’s approach I set goals to ease my anxiety and added breathing exercises into my day which I’m finding very helpful. I am already seeing great results!

I feel calmer and I am more present and since starting my sessions I have not had a full on panic attack at all. I strongly recommend that you consider Anna as your coach if you are feeling stressed and anxious and struggling to manage your time! Thank you Anna!

Angie L.

I wanted to eat healthier and incorporate more vegetables into my meals. I was looking for quick ways as I don’t have a lot of time to cook.


I took part in Anna’s Green Vegetable Challenge and found it very actionable. Anna’s approach was very easy to follow, and I liked how it fitted within my lifestyle. There were a lot of suggestions to suit my individual needs and the daily tips on how to add more vegetables were helpful. Thanks to Anna I felt motivated and inspired to cook the meals and I showed up for the challenge every day!


I eat more vegetables and feel better as a result. I also got to keep all the recipes so I can use them in the future. I can see now that it is easy to eat healthier, and it was great to have someone to show me the way.

Chris R.

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