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I was feeling stressed and anxious and didn’t know where to start, I was feeling very overwhelmed. I was having problems with managing my time and staying focused.

My anxiety got so bad that I was holding my breath in the evening, not sleeping very well and feeling restless.


During the session with Anna, we created a step-by-step plan that I can easily follow. Anna coached me around feeling overwhelmed and time management, as well as helping me to build a morning routine, prioritize my tasks and stop being reactive throughout the day.


Thanks to Anna’s approach I set goals to ease my anxiety and added breathing exercises into my day

which I’m finding very helpful. I am already seeing great results!

I feel calmer and I am more present and since starting my sessions I have not had a full on panic

attack at all. I strongly recommend that you consider Anna as your coach if you are feeling stressed

and anxious and struggling to manage your time! Thank you Anna!

Angie L. / Recruitment Accounts Manager

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