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Stress Less, Live More

Manage your stress from the inside out

It's time to Stress LESS, and Live MORE

Always busy, but not seeing the results

Not having the time to do anything, not even thinking about doing it ALL

You can’t focus

You often feel overwhelmed

You don’t have time to exercise

You lack motivation

You are stressed all the time and frustrated because the stress management techniques you use don’t work

You are suffering from health issues

You can’t sleep

You are often worried, sad, or emotional and you don’t know how to handle it

Ready to take action and reclaim your health and wellbeing

You feel like you don’t know how to make healthy decisions


Is that you?

I GET it. I’ve been there too.

But I want to challenge you to break free from it.

Do you know that:

To understand how to manage stress, you need to understand where the stress comes from first.


Stress is ever-present, and you cannot eliminate it. But you can learn how to use stress to empower you.


Stress is a biological response which your body knows how to handle, if it is for a short period of time. Unfortunately, almost all of us experience stress chronically, which if not addressed can lead to serious health implications like high blood pressure, heart disease, mental disorders such as anxiety or depression and other autoimmune illnesses and even cancer.


Time is your biggest asset. However, you cannot multiply it or get more of it. That is why you need to learn how to manage what you’ve got.


You deserve to live in your optimal health and wellness. You simply deserve it.


What if I could tell you that:

You don’t have to be busy all the time, yet you can be PRODUCTIVE.

You can have all the TIME you need to do the things you want because you know how to manage it smarter.

You STICK to your health goals, no matter if you want to exercise more, eat healthier, increase your energy or motivation levels.

You re-define your stress story, so you know how to MANAGE your stress, overwhelm and emotions from the inside out.

You can TAKE CONTROL of your day and feel accomplished.

That’s why I created this course.

What you will learn in Stress Less, Live More

Your Stress Story

The relationship with stress (yes you do have one!), where your stress and overwhelm come from, what is your definition of stress, and the  daily stress triggers.


How do you manage stress

Expose the coping mechanism you developed to manage stress and overwhelm. You will learn how to create new, healthy ones.

Tools and Strategies

You will be given, practical tools and strategies to truly manage your stress and overwhelm.



Stress comes from the inside, so we need to address your mindset. You will learn Cognitive Behavioural Techniques to help you to change your cognitions.

Time management techniques

You will learn about the neuroscience of your brain and the most cutting-edge productivity hacks so you can be truly productive, not just busy.


Recovery time techniques

You will learn how stress impacts your sleep, and the importance of recovery time to balance the adrenal overload.

How to make healthier lifestyle choices

You will learn how to develop supportive routines, how to make healthier lifestyle choices, how to stick to them and build momentum.


What’s inside:

This course uses science backed knowledge, common sense practicality and fits within your busy lifestyle. You deserve to be fit, to stick to your diet, to be productive and accomplished, and to feel motivated and confident that you can make healthier choices.


Without the daily stress, overwhelm and never ending busyness.

12 sessions, broken up into 4 modules – my step-by-step guidance to unpack stress, stress triggers, and how to manage your stress, time, energy, emotions and how to make healthier lifestyle choices

Practical workbooks, scienced backed health questionnaires, e-books, cheat sheets, and more - so you have the tools in your hands to take instant action

My special tips on how to build healthy and supportive routines in life that actually bring results – so you can stay grounded, keep momentum and build a lasting change

You are not ALONE to figure out how to manage the STRESS, OVERWHELM, and BUSYNESS in your life to live a healthy life.
  • When you join Stress Less, Live More you’ll get access to a PRIVATE Facebook group where you’ll connect with like-minded fellow students

  • You’ll be part of a community to keep you inspired, motivated and to get you through any roadblocks you may have

  • Inside the classes, you’ll have access to ask questions and connect with me directly through weekly Q&A

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Are you coming?

or are you telling yourself this:

I don’t have time

I’m too busy

I’m too tired

I don’t have the money

I’ve tried to manage stress before and it didn’t work

I know how you feel. I’ve told myself the same story.

But let me ask you this…

How much longer can you live in your current state of stress and overwhelm?

Does the busy, fast-paced lifestyle serve you?

How sustainable the lack of time, energy, and joy is for you?

How much more your health and wellbeing can take until you have a complete breakdown?

The reality is that life is not going to slow down. There will always be demands on your energy, time and making healthier lifestyle choices is going to get harder. To live in a constant state of stress and overwhelm is not sustainable. The price of seriously compromised health is too high to pay. NOW is the time to stop and take control of the most precious resources you will ever have – and that is YOU.
What are you waiting for?
Come aboard!

The doors to the Stress Less, Live More course are currently closed.

But get ready and JOIN THE WAITLIST NOW, so once they are open, you’ll be the first to know (and to receive alerts and special bonuses before the course is offered to others)

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