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Why you should challenge yourself to build a morning routine

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

We all like challenges. We like to show that we are capable of achieving something and that we matter.

Challenge can be a great way to learn something new, experiment, and above all to have some fun.

A good challenge is well, challenging with a tangible result at the end, and ambitious so the feel of accomplishment can be reached. But the challenge should not be completely out of reach. If we feel that there is no chance of success, we won’t take up the challenge.

But challenging yourself to do something out of your comfort zone, can be motivating and it can be the first step towards a deeper lifestyle change.

And that’s why I would like to invite you to challenge yourself to build a morning routine to beat the stress and overwhelm in your life.


I’m sure you know the many benefits of morning routine. To go and conquer the world you need to start with something small which gets you moving in the right direction.

Psychologists use a term called ‘anchoring’. It’s related to our thoughts and tendencies to focus on a specific trait while making a decision or following an emotional state. I would like you to use the morning routine as your ‘anchor’ in building your optimal health and wellness.

In today’s blog post I want to show you why a morning routine is an essential tool in conquering stress and overwhelm and how to build one. If you fear that you don't have the time, fear no more! I even created a special downloadable 5 simple tricks to find extra hours in your day cheat sheet! for you! This way you can start building your morning routine today!

So, let’s dive in!

The benefits of morning routine

I would like you to imagine this: you get up when the alarm clock rings and you’re full of energy. You don’t feel rushed, you’re looking to the day ahead. You spend a few minutes on your favourite activity, slowly enjoy your morning cup of coffee and you put a plan for the day. Next, you get your household ready, you have time to prepare a healthy lunch and off you go to work. Because you already planned the priorities for the day, you dive in, get what’s important done, and still have the energy to play with your kids in the evening.

Dreamy? It may seem that way, but it doesn’t have to be.

The difference between living in a chronic state of stress and overwhelm and living in a state where you have control of what happens in your day is having a morning routine. When you live in a state of stress, you are reactive. You’re feeling rushed, always behind and you don’t have a clear focus on what needs to be done next. So, you attend to everything that it’s thrown your way.

The danger of living in a state of always being reactive is that you spend way too much energy on fulfilling somebody else’s demands, and don't have any energy to fulfill your own needs.

To regain the sense of control and to beat the overwhelm is to go from a reactive to a proactive state. And the only way to do it is to have a morning routine.

It is true what they say: the way you start your morning decides how the rest of your day will look like. By creating a morning routine, you are creating a space for yourself so you can catch your breath, distance yourself from all the tasks, demands, and commitments, and really focus on yourself.

I can hear you saying that you already have so much going on, that there is no way you can find any spare time to spend on a morning routine. But let me ask you this: wouldn’t you rather invest fifteen minutes in the morning, to gain more time during the day? What could you do with this extra time which you created for yourself? What would you be able to accomplish in your life if you had the time and energy to do it?

How to build a morning routine that works

Ultimately morning routine is a habit. Therefore, you are on a journey to build a new habit, and this will take time, so go easy on yourself.

As with any lifestyle changes, you want to go slow by taking small steps.

I strongly recommend you start with a simple fifteen morning routine. Fifteen minutes is time you can find during your morning, no matter how busy you or your household is. But this is enough time for you to see the benefits of gaining clarity and sharpening your focus.

Your morning routine starts with getting up when the alarm clock rings, without hitting the snooze button. Because you are just starting out, I would suggest you pick only one activity for the morning. The activity should be something which you enjoy doing.

The key element here is that you need to enjoy the activity you include in your morning routine, so you look forward to doing it. You don’t want to add yet another task to your to-do list and feel resentment first thing in the morning!

What is your favourite activity which brings you joy, helps you reconnect, and gives you peace? What inspires you and energizes you?

Remember that the fifteen minutes is time for you, to calm yourself, to regain clarity, have some distance from your day. You want to create space for yourself. And this means, to stay off your phone. And all electronic for that matter.

When you’re stressed and overwhelmed your focus is always being stolen by outside factors. You want to keep that focus on you first thing in the morning, so you can prioritize your day, move from the state of being reactive to being proactive.


Challenges are just that: challenges. But they can be very powerful when you think about taking on a new habit or maybe tweaking an old one. Challenge is a fun way of doing something new and out of your comfort zone. Anyone can participate in a challenge, have some laughs, and still get the feeling of accomplishment.

And that’s why deciding to build a morning routine is a great little challenge you can take up now to beat the stress and overwhelm.

The benefits of morning routine are endless but think about morning routine as a little space you’re creating for you, to take control of your day, to prioritize the tasks which will move you forward, and above all, to regain clarity and focus.

So, are you up to the challenge?

Get this downloadable 5 simple tricks to find extra hours in your day cheat sheet! and start building your morning routine today!

Having problems with managing your time? Go on: to find out more about Anna Doktor Wellness Coaching and how I can help you to beat the overwhelm once and for all. Alternatively, send me an email at or call to have a chat to see how we can work together tel: 0498016440.

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