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The Single Most Important Thing You Need To Know About SUCCESS

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Well, hey there! Do you want to be a millionaire?

Yes? Me too!

If you like watching game shows, then you definitely remember this popular show ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?’ where contestants had to tackle a series of questions to win prizes. When we think about somebody who is a millionaire, we think of success. Because often money is associated with success.

Ah, how many times do you catch yourself saying, if I only had more money, got the promotion, bought that house, met the partner of my dreams, drove the latest Lexus? We can get a little bit obsessed with the success story of if only, can’t we?

But obsession about success and chasing after it can give us a great deal of stress too. And that is why in today’s blog post I want to tell you that you are already a millionaire despite the size of your bank account.

No, I’m not going to tell you that money doesn’t bring happiness. I’m sure they do to a certain extend. But I’m going to invite you to redefine your definition of success because it most likely became rusty. And believe me, it is going to be time well spent. If you think you don’t have the time for it, I created this downloadable 5 planning strategies to manage your time better so you can achieve more and feel in control of your day cheat sheet to help you to find this most precious resources you have, so you can be successful today!

There are many definitions of success, but the common perception is money, social status, fame, and possessions of tangibles such as a Hampton style house, the latest car, maybe a high-end fashion item or having a big happy family, or traveling to exotic destinations so later we can brag about it.

A fear years ago when I was battling burnout, depression and was living in a constant state of stress and overwhelm, my definition of success was to climb the corporate ladder, run a successful studio as a side hustle, to earn a lot of money so I could buy the nice tangibles which I associated with success. But the more things I was doing or obtaining, the less happy I was. The more projects I was taking on, the more stressed I was, and the perfect picture of success was a bit faded.

Was it just me? Think about your mood on a Monday morning. Are you dreading another day in the office or are you excited to face the challenges of the day?

Having ambitions is a wonderful thing. I’m not talking about the hunger for power to fulfill selfish needs. I’m talking about having ambitions to motivate us to live our lives to the fullest. To have passions and hobbies and the happiness of pursuing them.

And the way how we view success and what it means to us can make all the difference. So, what is your definition of success? Does it make you feel successful or stressed?

What success means to us

Seth Godin said that a rich person is a person who has a choice. To have a choice and be able to follow the path we want, is a true meaning of success. You may say that we all have a choice, after all, we live in a world when we are overwhelmed with choices! There are so many different paths to choose from, different careers to follow. If you Google ‘ideas for dinner’ you will get over a million options to pick from!

So, are we rich and successful?

The easiest way to check is to ask yourself a question if you are truly the decision-maker.

When I was growing up there were certain expectations towards me: that I would go to a good school, finish university, have a reputable profession, have a family, and a house nearby. And for many years I followed this path, thinking this will lead me to success.

How about you? What expectations were put on you? Were you expected to follow a family tradition of becoming a doctor? And you did, but deep in your heart, you always wanted to paint. Or maybe you were expected to get married and have kids, although you always wanted to travel the world and experience life before you settle down?

To have a choice and to make a choice are two different aspects of the same coin. The true luxury is to make a choice we are happy with and know that it serves us. I know what you are feeling. That pesky thought of I need money to pay my bills, nobody gets to live the life they want, or it is what it is, I can’t change it can bring us back to our ordinary lives fast.

But are you making a choice what success means to you? Are you following what truly matters to you? Or are you obsessing about the success of others, their perception, and trying to measure up?

Following up somebody else’s definition of success may seem natural to you. Most likely you adopted it as your own but if you find yourself feeling more despair about what you have in life, and always battling how unsatisfying things appear to be, then it is time to let go of this rusty definition of what success is meant to be and get a fresh definition.

For me success means freedom. The freedom of making my own choices, spending the time the way I want to spend it. Do I always get to have success? No, of course not. But I get it to experience it more often than not. Do I get busy and stressed from time to time? Yes, it’s the twenty-first century and I still have high expectations of myself. But it is so much easier to live towards my definition of success rather than somebody else’s. This way at least I get to create it, measure up to it, and don’t stress too much about what I don’t have.


When we are growing up, there are certain expectations put on us. The definition of success is presented to us and as ambitious creatures, we want to follow the path of success. But if we catch ourselves that we can’t find joy and happiness in what we are doing and the means we use to acquire wealth (either monetary or other) then it’s time to redefine our definition of success.

It doesn’t have to be a definition of not achieving, not having money, or not buying tangibles. You can have all that or not. The richest are those who make their own choices. The more you align your success with what matters to you, what is truly important and holds value to you, the more successful you will be, no matter the size of your bank account. And that is the single most important thing you need to know about success.

So, let’s be successful, and create the time to do the things that matter to you. Grab your free downloadable 5 planning strategies to manage your time better so you can achieve more and feel in control of your day cheat sheet!

Having problems with managing your stress? Go on: to find out more about Anna Doktor Wellness Coaching and how I can help you to beat the overwhelm once and for all. Alternatively, send me an email at or call to have a chat to see how we can work together tel: 0498016440.

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