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The power of questions

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Do you remember the moments before you sat down to take an important exam? Maybe you felt a little bit nervous because you didn’t study as hard as you wanted to? Or maybe you were feeling a little excited because you were well prepared, and you liked the challenge? Or maybe you were bored, and wanted it to be over with? Whatever the scenario was, the thought that popped into your head was would I know the answer to the questions? Or if you really didn’t study at all, where would I get the answers from?

It was all about the answers, wasn’t it? Life can seem like an endless exam in a way, where you’re either nervous, excited, or bored. It may seem like life brought you to the point you are at because you’ve been seeking answers all along.

Answers are important. They’re like a little signpost showing us the way ahead. But I want you to pause for a second and shift your focus on the questions you ask instead. Because, my dear friend, the answers are not, well… what you really seek. The real power lays in the questions.

Asking questions is a true art. But the fun part is that there is no limit as to how many questions you may ask. It’s the intensity and depth you’re looking for. So, let’s have a look at how to become a true artist at asking powerful questions.

Why to ask questions?

We spend almost every waking moment searching for answers. Either be it what to wear or have for dinner, or more in-depth like how to make yourself happy, how to feel less stressed, or the existential questions like why we are here and what is my true purpose? We may spend our lives seeking answers but still don’t feel content when we find them.

Have you ever been told that ‘you’re not going to like the answer’? Most likely, the answer runs contrary to your views or perspective on the matter. Did you feel a little bit disappointed with the answer then because that wasn’t what you were hoping for? Or maybe you got the answer and weren’t sure what to do next?

Because the answer is just the end product. And to get a better end product, aka to get a more empowered answer, you need to ask the right question.

Questions are the most powerful way to make any change in your life, or even change the entire direction of your life. It’s not only that questions are the most powerful way, but also the simplest and cheapest way to take control of your health and wellbeing right this second.

Questions are free and unlimited, yet they provide the key to unlocking the true potential within you. They’re the means for you to use to show up in your life as the best self, build optimal health and wellness, and truly create a life full of possibilities.

The art of course is with asking questions to begin with. A lot of us are afraid to even ask a question because we are too scared of the answer. Have you ever thought that you better not ask yourself why you are stuck in the same pattern? You know deep down that it’s no longer serving you, but you keep repeating it? You may be seeking solutions but all you get is peripheral answers which act like a bandage rather than the cure.

The powerful questions a health and wellness coach can help you ask

You may find yourself feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or stressed and this feeling can easily obstruct your focus. Asking questions will help you change the way you’re feeling, the way you’re focusing on a given aspect, and ultimately can help you to get unstuck.

Asking questions can help you solve a problem. The scarier the question, the more weight the answer will have and the further it takes you.

The good news is that with some help from a health and wellness coach you get to ask the powerful questions which will get you moving. A health and wellness coach can help you ask important questions, so you can tap to your true self, so you can better understand yourself. Are you struggling with making any significant changes in your diet or lifestyle? How about we ask how you can overcome your limitations, struggles, lack of confidence, or low self-esteem?

But the real powerful questions are those which help you shift your mindset, which helps you change your focus and your perspective. Those questions build resilience, they show you that there is another way of thinking, feeling, and being.


Although you may have been looking for answers all of the time, asking questions is a better way of getting what you want out of life. Answers on their own can guide you only so far, and they can limit your options. The quality and depth of your answer will strongly depend on the question asked. And the true power is in the questions.

To break the negative pattern, to improve your health and wellbeing, to stick to your diet, to make that lifestyle change you want, you need to ask importance, problem-solving, and powerful questions. It can be an art, so get yourself help from a professional. A health and wellness coach will lead you in the direction you might have not expected to go, will help you to tap into your true potential and you will see the results of this domino effect in your life. Wouldn’t it be worth it to tap into your unlimited potential, discover unlimited possibilities and live the most expansive and authentic life?

So, what’s the question you know you need to ask?

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