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How to Prioritize Your Well-Being

Updated: Feb 5

wellbeing and wellness

Did you wake up this morning feeling tired and agitated? Or maybe you didn’t feel like getting up today at all? Did you rush through your breakfast, out the door, already feeling late only to get stuck in traffic?

I know how you feel.

Every time I hit the snooze button, I feel like I lost the day before it even began. If I don’t get up with the alarm, it is that much harder for me to go for a morning walk and to be productive during the day.

If you’re feeling like your lack of motivation is here to blame, I have good news. It is not your motivation. You are just looking at your well-being the wrong way. All it takes to regain your energy and focus is to shift your thinking of what well-being means. And today, I’ll show you how.

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get more energy in the morning

Are you ready to take care of your well-being?

It’s You

Imagine yourself feeling energetic and bouncing out of bed in the morning. Feeling refreshed and ready for any opportunity that comes your way.

What could you do with that extra energy you feel in the morning? Would you exercise regularly and eat healthier? Or maybe you would finally get down to business and work on that important project you have been procrastinating on for months?

Having the energy to wake up in the morning refreshed, focused, and motivated is not a myth. You don’t need to cast spells or wait for that genie in the bottle to show up.

You have the power in your hands to change the way how you feel.

Trust me on this.

Those high achievers, go-getters, and action-takers are just like you. You are capable of having it all, doing it all, and achieving it all. Because it ALL starts with you.

What is The Cost?

In recent years well-being has become a very popular term. Especially with the hit of the COVID-19 pandemic mental well-being came to be a topic more of us started paying attention to. And that is of course good news.

The cost of feeling stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, tired, and unenergetic is not only measured in the loss of revenue and time. It is the loss of your mental and physical health and well-being.

So, what is it costing you to sleep poorly, not have the energy to exercise, or to spend time with your family? What is the cost to you and your loved ones when you feel tired, irritated, and angry?

And above all, can you afford this cost?

It Is a State of Mind

I never paid attention to my well-being until I hit rock bottom. I thought feeling stressed and anxious was normal. Feeling tired, maybe a bit hangover from the excess of processed sugar and alcohol, and feeling unmotivated was how life was supposed to be.

But is it?

Many of us experience a lack of happiness in our lives. We feel it is normal to let stress rule our health. There is always something else to do, somewhere else to go, and somebody else who needs our immediate attention.

But I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Imagine that you were confident enough to apply for that promotion you know you deserve. Or that you took that leap and started something new, maybe a new career, launched a business, or went back to school to get a degree?

Or maybe you gained a few kilos and the lack of self-motivation, and the body image you project are stopping you from taking action?

Imagine that you have the energy, confidence, and willpower to make meaningful progress on your weight loss journey. How would it feel if you walked into your high school reunion and looked ten years younger?

It all comes down to you looking at well-being as a commodity that is worth investing in. Because thinking about what well-being means to you matters.

Plus we tend to pay more attention to the things that matter to us most.

Be Selfish

If I told you to be selfish, would you listen?

When we hear the word ‘selfish’ we usually think about someone mean, cold-hearted, insensitive, or malicious. And I’m sure that some people are like that. And they would fit into this category nicely.

But I want to ask you to be selfish when it comes to taking care of your well-being. No, you don't need to be rude, obnoxious, and know it all.

You may think well-being simply means sleeping well, exercising more, eating healthier, and living with a purpose. And of course, all those components are part of well-being. But for me, well-being means prioritizing myself. DAILY.

Each time you prioritize yourself you are building your well-being.

Looking after yourself is not selfish. It is the opposite. The only way to be the most energetic, confident, and lighter you, is to pay attention to what matters to you. What is the cost of putting yourself before stress, overwhelm, and anxiety?

This little shift in your thinking may mean the difference between getting up in the morning feeling energetic and ready to face your day, or hitting the snooze button three times, being late, and missing that job advance you are so ready for.

So, are you ready to be selfish?

How to Prioritize Your Well-Being?

If you are feeling tired, unenergetic, or lacking the motivation to follow through on your career progression, weight loss journey, or staying productive and showing up as your most confident self I have a solution.

Investing in your well-being is the best decision you will ever make.

If you always thought about well-being as exercising, eating healthy, and living with a purpose, you are on the right track.

But well-being is truly prioritizing yourself daily. Being a little bit selfish when it comes to how you spend your time and energy, how you build your confidence, and how you align your actions with what matters to you most.

You simply cannot afford the cost of not having the energy, confidence, and joy in life that makes you live as your best and most authentic self.

Are you part of my community? Join my newsletter to get the latest action steps on how to eat a healthy plant-based diet, de-stress, manage your time better, prioritize yourself, and anything in between so that you INCREASE your energy, SAVE time, and INVEST well in your wellness!

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