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The benefits of having an evening routine and 3 tips on how to build one

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

I love routines. Well, maybe not that I love them so much, but I love to stress less in my life. And the only antidote to stress is routine. When we feel stressed, under pressure, or overwhelmed usually we feel that way because we are lacking certainty. When we fall back to the known, tested and safe aka routine, we can relax.

Routine can sound boring for some. That probably comes from school years, when you thought about your school routine, making your bed, or exercising.

And that is true, that can bring some boredom, but routines can be a great way of self-care without even thinking that you are doing them. And that is why in today’s blog post I show you why following an evening routine is a must and give you some easy tips to create one you are going to love!

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It is all about the evening

Evenings can be magical. It is usually the time reserved for entertainment. Have you noticed how the main performances, be it in the opera, theatre, concert hall or cinema, start in the evening? It is like the best time of the day to enjoy ourselves.

Is your evening magical? Is it something you are looking forward to? Or is it mostly a blur after a day full of stress, rush, and running around, that when it comes you are not ready for any entertainment? If we live our lives in constant overwhelm, using all our, already low, energy and trying to catch up with escaping time, then there is not much of us left for the evening, isn’t it?

But evening plays a crucial role in our day. It is a mark of another day being alive and on this planet. It is an end, in a way to what has happened, and closure, so tomorrow is another day and we can start fresh.

If you never thought that way, then I would like to invite you to stop for a moment and embrace it.

I know that for many of us, the evening is the time when we struggle with what is not done, what still needs to be done, and when our anxiety and worry can elevate. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We can carve out a moment when evening can truly be magical for us.

Let’s slow down

I am sure you have had a busy day. Most of us run from one place to another, ticking items from our to-do list, working on several projects simultaneously.

There is simply no time to stop. Except for the evening. Your evening routine is the part of the day when you get to slow down. It is not about getting somewhere. It is about being right where you are.

You start your evening with a digital detox. Of course, we all know the negative impact of blue light on our health and melatonin production. But digital detox is much more than that. Our brain races the whole day, it attends to so many tasks and needs to deliver its best. Overstimulation causes your brain to use all the energy you have. So, an evening is a time to give your overworked brain a rest.

Let’s have some fun

Creating an evening routine doesn’t need to lack excitement. Contrary to what happens during your day, the evening is reserved for fun, so pick one activity that you enjoy doing.

It doesn’t need to be long in duration (and most likely it won’t be due to time constraints) but this activity cannot be a ‘should’ activity. So, if you don’t get the time to exercise, avoid putting exercising as a part of your evening routine unless you really love it! Even if you engage for 10 minutes in your favourite activity, you boost your mood, you increase your connection, you deepen your sense of belonging. You actually spend time on something you want to do. And this feeling can be very empowering.

Let’s be grateful

I know how it feels when we look around and the only thing we can see is the unwashed dishes, the unpaid bills, the argument we had with our daughter, the stress which is sucking all our energy. But despite all that, I am certain you have things in your life you can be grateful for.

Giving thanks for what we have is a beautiful way of ending a day. It gives us a sense of belonging and rewires our neuropathways to look for the positives in life rather than focusing on all the things that didn’t go the way we planned.

It doesn’t have to be a long list, just start with three things that you are grateful for today. What will be on your list? Maybe somebody compliments on your outfit today? Or maybe for once you didn’t run for the morning train but walked because you allowed enough time this morning, or maybe you ate that apple instead of your usual mid-afternoon cookie? There are so many things in your life right now that you can be grateful for, that you don’t need to wait for some big breakthrough.


It all depends on us if a routine will be boring or fun. But creating a routine is a must to conquer stress. Evenings are reserved for fun, so let’s create an evening routine that is fun for you.

We live fast-paced lives, which demand not only our physical energy but also our mental energy. Our brain is stimulated the whole day, multitasking and trying to cope with the unstoppable demands. So, when the evening comes let’s give our overtired brains a digital detox.

Pick an activity that you can engage with as a part of your evening routine. But choose something that brings you a smile, enjoyment and you do it because you really want to.

Even if it feels sometimes like your life is mostly about putting out fires, there is still a lot of beauty happening too. I am certain that there are so many things you can be grateful for in your life, that you will have no trouble with listing them. Pick three each evening and watch how there is more and more gratefulness around you.

So, what is going to be in your evening routine?

Are you part of my community? Join my newsletter to get the latest action steps on how to eat a healthy plant-based diet, de-stress, manage your time better, prioritize yourself, and anything in between so that you INCREASE your energy, SAVE time and INVEST well in your wellness!

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