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3 Daily Habits to Borrow From a Health and Wellness Coach to Beat the Daily Stress

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

beat the daily stress, health and wellness coaching

Do you know that stress impacts 77% of people?

Stress has many faces. Staying up at night and worrying about your teenage kids, feeling tired, unrefreshed, unmotivated in the morning, or overwhelmed by the number of tasks for the day.

You may even follow a recognisable pattern: a glass of wine or two after a long day to unwind, and a cup of coffee to spark some energy into you to face the day.

It may seem to be hard to break the spiral of stress and overwhelm. But sooner or later, you will hit a wall and will need to seriously look for ways to manage the stress, pressure, overwhelm, and demands of your life better.

Luckily you can spark your imagination by looking at some daily habits of a Health and Wellness Coach and steal them!

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Health and Wellness Coaching

Why Wellness Coaching?

There are more and more autoimmune illnesses on the rise, and self-awareness of the importance of our health is becoming a priority. The demand for a fast-pasted life is an indication that it is better to stay healthy and prevent an offset of an illness if you want to keep up.

After all, if you have no health, you have nothing.

Wellness Coaching is gaining in popularity because a lot of us seek an alternative. You want to address the concerns you have about the toll on your health and wellbeing.

You have probably tried to lose weight before, eat better, exercise more, or unclutter your closet in an attempt to improve your health. And you were on the right path because it is all to do with creating new behaviours or changing your existing ones to gain the improvements you seek.

But you may be wondering how to do it when you have no time, no energy, and motivation is a distant blur. Well, you need to borrow habits from a Health and Wellness Coach!

3 Habits to Borrow From a Health and Wellness Coach

As the saying goes, you become what you repeatedly do. So, if you repeatedly feel stressed and the feeling of anxiety is very vivid for you, that is what you become.

But if you engage in more empowering behaviours, you can face the opportunities life throws at you. And here are my 3 habits to develop to conquer daily stress:

#1 Build a Routine

The antidote to stress is routine. This may sound boring, but stress occurs because we feel out of control of the situation we are in. To regain the impression of control, you need to create some routines you can fall back on.

That is why I am a strong advocate for a morning and evening routine.

A morning routine is a great way of staying focused and present with your needs and wants and setting priorities for the day. You need to be selective with the way you spend your days because your life is not slowing down.

An evening routine signals your body that it is time to wrap up the day and rest. You can only create energy if you delivered that needed rest to your body and mind.

An evening routine doesn’t need to be time-consuming. Some simple rituals like beauty rituals, bedtime reading, or writing in a gratitude journal are all great ways of ending the day.

#2 Fuel Your Body

Food is fuel for your body and mind. So, the better quality of food you deliver, the more energy you will have. You know that you need to eat healthy, but when you are feeling rushed and running from place to place, convenience wins every time.

However, you can still eat healthy, even when you are under pressure.

When you feel stressed, you experience, what the scientists call a ‘brain fog’. It means you can’t think clearly and making a rational decision is that much harder.

That is why you need to remove the decision-making process from your view. Next time you go shopping load up on healthy, sugar-free snacks, colourful vegetables, and fruit. And when you feel stressed and under the pipe, you will reach for nutritious foods because that's what you are going to find in your pantry.

The healthier food items you surround yourself with, the easier it will be to eat healthy.

#3 Move Your Body

You know about the marvellous benefits of exercising. And I can guarantee that we all want to incorporate some exercise plan into our days.

Lack of time is the number one excuse when it comes to executing it, shortly before the feeling of guilt you feel for not exercising. That is why you need to incorporate body movement into your existing activities.

If you suspect that your day will be busy, and you won’t have the time to either go for a run, hit the gym or a yoga class, you still have the option of movement.

Park your car further from the entrance, so you need to walk the extra distance, get up from your desk every 90 minutes and go get some water or just walk around the office, or do a few easy stretches and always take the stairs instead of a lift. And when you get to do the daily cleaning up, dance when you do the dishes or stand up and stretch every time there is a TV commercial.

Any movement that puts pressure onto your muscles and makes them stretch will help in dealing with the daily stress.

Build Your Habits

Looking into ways to prevent the offset of a possibly life-threatening illness is becoming a priority for more of us. You want to stay healthy to meet the increasing demands of your fast-paced life.

The lack of time, energy, or motivation topped up with the constant feeling of stress, pressure, and overwhelm can easily derail your best intentions.

But that is why now is the time to turn to wellness coaching and borrow some healthy habits from a Health and Wellness Coach.

You feel stressed because you feel a lack of control. To gain control of your life, you need to create routines to fall back on. Building a morning and evening routine can be a great start to conquering the stress in your day.

You can only have energy if you fuel your body from with. And although making healthy food choices can seem hard, it doesn’t have to be. Stocking up your pantry with healthy, sugar-free snacks, vegetables, and fruit packed full of nutrients will make healthy eating habits easier to form.

And let’s move your body throughout the day, any way you can, and anywhere you are. Getting up every 90 minutes and stretching or parking your car further from the entrance, are all examples of adding a body movement into the existing tasks.

Building your optimal health and wellness can be easier done than you think. Are you part of my community? Join my newsletter to get the latest action steps on how to eat a healthy plant-based diet, de-stress, manage your time better, prioritize yourself, and anything in between so that you INCREASE your energy, SAVE time and INVEST well in your wellness!

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