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How to Reset Your Body and Mind in 3 Easy Steps

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Mental and physical detox

Do you know that juice cleansing is the most popular type of detox?

Most of the time the detox is from substance abuse or excessive eating or drinking. And although this type of detox is important, especially if it threatens your health, I want to introduce a different type of cleansing. Mental and physical reset.

Why? Because you can still reset your body and mind without going on a full detox. Read on to find out what a mental and physical reset is and how to do it in 3 easy steps.

What Is a Reset?

Have you ever been advised by an IT expert to reboot your computer? I am sure you were told to close all your open tabs, turn off the computer, give it a minute and turn it back on.

The main purpose being that the computer will magically reset itself and work better when you turn the power on.

In a way, you need to unplug yourself and reset your mind and body to be productive, focused, and motivated again. You need to pause, take a break, and switch gears to see a different opportunity, another road, and a bigger perspective.

Reset is a detox in other words. It is removing mental toxins such as noises, distractions, and unsupportive thoughts. And cleansing your body through the elimination of the biggest pollutants to your immune system such as stress, inflammation, or physical fatigue.

Reset is a great tool to prevent burnout, breakdown, or break up. Our lives are moving so fast that taking a stop, even if it is for a brief moment, can literally save your life.

The first reset I did was a mindset reset. It was an intense program where for 21 consecutive days I was removing one limiting belief after another. It was a lot of work, but funnily enough many years later I still go back to some of the teachings of that reset.

You may want to start with something smaller. Maybe you were thinking about going on a juice detox for a week, quitting sugar for two weeks, or stopping complaining for the next 5 days.

Should You Do a Reset?

The first question that may pop into your head, is if you should even do a reset. Be it a mental or physical reset. I hope that you are strongly leaning towards yes.

Nothing stays the same in nature, and neither should you.

And now is a great moment to start. Why? Because we are at the point of change. Firstly, we have just closed one year and started another. So, now is a good time to take a look at your mental and physical portfolio as well as your emotional one.

Secondly, we have just entered a new year. There is never a better time to set your health and wellness goals than the beginnig of a year. Now is the time to reset your body and mind and gain the strength and creativity to keep moving forward.

If you are ready for a full body and mind detox, go for it! The results will be astonishing. However, if you are not fully prepared to say goodbye to your favourite ice cream, survive on green juice a day, or quit alcohol for good, here are 3 ways you can do to reset your mind and body.

#1 Let Go of Something Old

Before you get started, you need to clean the space. You can’t start bringing new stuff into your world where there is no place to put them.

You need to let go of something old to make space for something new. What can you let go of that you know doesn’t serve you? Is it something you eat? Or maybe it is a nervous thought that hijacks your productivity? Have you caught yourself complaining a lot lately?

Or maybe you are fed up with having no time to cook nourishing meals or exercise? Those are all unhealthy habits that hold you back. Give yourself permission to let go of them.

So, the first step in resetting your mind and body is to pick one thing that you know you could do without. Just one. Commit to letting go of a single thought, habit, food, routine, person, or practice.

Give yourself a timeframe of 28 days and keep going.

I’m working on my mindset this year even more than in the past year. I’m committing to building a stronger, more creative, and more abundant mindset. So, for the next 28 days, I’m going to pay more attention to what direction my thoughts take me.

And then I will reassess and keep going for another 28 days and then another 28 days.

What are you going to let go of?

#2 Embrace Something New

Now that you made space and cleaned the house, it’s time to bring the new in! Starting something new is always exciting and a natural step after something else ends.

I know that there is something that you want to start. There is no right or wrong answer here, so open your doors to the imagination!

Do you want to start a new diet and get rid of those pesky eating habits? Or maybe you want to improve your cardio and you want to develop an exercise routine? Do you want to learn new skills or pick up a hobby you put aside because of a lack of time?

Starting one thing that brings you joy, stretches your perspective, gets you creative, and challenges you a little will not only boost your mental and physical wellness, but it will also add some meaning to your life.

That something new may as well be one of your New Year’s goals that you set back at the beginning of January and most likely forgotten about already.

I know that it is tempting to pick several new projects but stick with just one. You have better chances of succeeding if your focus, creativity, and energy go in the same direction!

So, what is the new thing that you are going to start?

#3 Shift From Doing to Being

You have been really busy, you complete one task after another, and you are more stressed and overwhelmed than ever. Feeling that way is very common, but do you know what is behind it?

It is the concept of focusing on doing more, picking up another project, and raising your hand to another responsibility. So, shift your doing to being.

I know. This is easier said than done.

But to have more energy, clear focus, stress less, and feel your day more, you need to spend more time being. Being in the moment, being true to yourself, being present, being attentive, and being nourished from the inside out.

For me, it means I’m going back to my mid-afternoon meditation practice for the next month. Why? Because that afternoon reset will give me the power to be intentional, creative, and more energetic.

It will push me to be more productive and less busy.

How can you move from doing to being?

How to Reset Your Body and Mind

Doing a full body and mind detox is fantastic! And the beginning of the year, or having one season ending and another beginning, is a great time to do it.

However, if you are feeling a little bit nervous about doing a cleanse now, or reinventing your whole life, you can still do a reset. First, let go of one habit, practice, thought, or food that doesn’t serve you anymore.

Once you clean the house, pick one thing that you want to start. Perhaps a new diet, a new routine, learn a new skill, or pick up a new (or old) hobby. And shift your focus on being more in the moment, truer to yourself, and more attentive.

So, how are you going to reset your mind and body?

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