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How to Be a New You in the New Year

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

New Year New You

In the spirit of the New Year, give yourself the best gift ever of taking control of your life. The previous year was unpredicted and chaotic at best. Did you have plans to lose weight, eat better, or exercise more? But most of the time you felt overwhelmed, stressed and anxious?

Last year made us rethink our values and showed us a different way of living. It made us stronger than ever and more resilient (even if you don’t realise that just yet!). Did you have any breakthroughs that brought your creativity to light?

I know you did!

Let’s build on this and make this year, a year where you create the results you want, set goals that actually matter to you, discover what is possible and you take control of your life.

How to Gain Clarity

Are you reaching for a pen to start setting your goals for this year? I know you are eager to begin planning, but before you jump in, I would like to invite you to pause for a moment.

Before you start planning for the year, you need to gain some clarity about who you are.

The previous years turned our lives upside-down and revealed all this potential within us that we didn’t know we had. You are viewing life differently now because your perspective shifted. You need to gain clarity about who you are now. So your life aligns with the new version of you.

Have you considered creating a vision for yourself then? You may think creating a vision is not something worth doing, but let’s talk about what a vision is first.

Vision is a compelling statement of who you are and how you want your life to look like at your ideal level of wellness. Ask yourself this: if you could be anyone, do anything, or have anything, what would that look like? How would you behave, what would you be doing, and how would you feel when it comes to your well-being?

Think about a vision as a postcard from your favourite destination. Let your imagination take you anywhere, everywhere. No limits, no closed doors, no obligations, no commitments.

Can you picture it? Vision is just that: the perfect destination postcard.

Are you feeling energized already thinking about a vision for yourself?

Why Do You Need a Vision?

You may have a smile on your face, thinking about your dream destination (aka your vision) but you still may be asking yourself why you even need to create a vision? After all, you know you have changed.

When you think about a vision as your favourite destination, it seems pretty obvious why you need it. Otherwise, how would you know where to go? Or even, how would you know once you get there?

Vision gives you the clarity you need to take control of your life.

You may look at the previous years and see that a lot of the time you were drifting. Outside conditions and the environment made the decisions of who you were meant to be instead of you. Aren’t you tired of not knowing who you are and where are you going?

I know I was. That is why I'm committing to creating a new vision for the new me.

But vision is also one of the greatest motivators to achieving your goals. If you don’t know where you are going (in life) then it is not possible to figure out how to get there. You heard of people who are always indecisive, they move from one place to another without any sense of direction.

Do you know why?

Yes, you are right. Because they don’t have a vision of who they want to be. Don’t be like them. Take the first step to see all the possibilities you have in your life.

Take control of your life now and put that vision of yours on paper.

How to Get Started With Vision Creation

I hope that by now, you have the dreamer’s hat on! First of all, get some pen and paper and find a quiet space. You want to write down your vision.

Research shows that writing things down helps you remember it, motivates you, sets you up for success, and encourages you with your daily progress. Use any means of writing you want but writing by hand gives a better sense of creation and gives that additional feeling of connection.

Either way, writing helps you clear your mind.

So, sit down and think about that perfect destination, think what would you like to be different in your life? What do you want to be while you are at your best? Consider why this is important to you, why does it matter to you that you act, feel, show up as the best self?

You may have a few drafts before you settle down on the ultimate version. That’s fine. Keep adjusting until you can clearly see yourself being that vision.

You are not looking for a perfect essay here. You are creating a vision you can see yourself being it, something that energizes and motivates you. But above all, something that gives you that needed clarity.

Once your vision is finalised, keep it in a place where you can see it all the time, so every time you look at it, you think: ‘Yes, I want that!’

How to Be a New You

There isn’t a better start to the New Year than gaining clarity of the New You. Let’s make this year the year of even more breakthroughs, clarity, and discovery of all the possibilities you have in life.

You don’t have to let outside events control who you are. You hold that power. You can create a vision of the best self, the dream you, the ultimate destination with pen and paper right now.

Creating a vision is not a one-off event. The vision can and will change and it will evolve with you. So the only question is: Are you ready for the New You?

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