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5 Things You Need to Include in Your Morning Routine

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Create your wellness boosting morning routine

Do you know that 77% of people suffer from mental stress? And that the stress level is the highest in the mornings?

Now, you most likely heard me say this before but the best antidote to stress is routine. And having a morning routine can really decrease your morning stress.

Creating a morning routine is easy and your routine can be as elaborate as you wish. However, a good routine needs to boost your mental and physical health.

I’ve been following my morning routine for years now, and although I do switch some activities depending on the season, there are 5 things that I always keep, no matter what.

Read on to find out what you need to include in your morning routine to boost your mental and physical wellbeing.

#1 Drink Water

70% of your body content is water. Water helps not only to transport vital nutrients but also supports many functions such as digestion or circulation. Water also keeps your body cool and removes waste products.

I keep my water bottle on my bedside table. And the first thing I do when I open my eyes is to drink water.


Because your body is dehydrated after the night. Think about it this way, you drink liquid throughout the day. But for the 6 to 8 hours when you sleep you don’t. It’s only natural that you are thirsty when you wake up.

So, before you reach out for your morning tea or coffee, drink a glass of water.

#2 Move Your Body

It’s not a surprise that your morning routine should include exercising, is it? But I want you to twist the way you think about exercising. Consider moving your body rather than doing a session at the gym.

The number one reason why most of us don’t exercise is lack of time. And often this can be true. If a gym class takes 30 minutes, and you don’t have the time, you won’t exercise at all.

And that’s where changing what working out means can help.

There are different types of exercises and each one of them has benefits. But what your body cares about, is that you move it.

Adding some gentle stretching when you get dressed, or some push-ups when you wait for your morning brew are all forms of body movement. Even parking your car further from the office entrance and walking the extra distance is body movement.

If you have the time to do a proper workout, go for a morning walk or run, by all means, do it! However, if you are short on time try to incorporate micro-body movement so you get to move your body regardless.

#3 Eat Vegetables for Breakfast

We all know how important eating a healthy breakfast is. It not only helps to keep your weight in check, but it also gets you to lunch without your blood sugar crashing.

And by healthy breakfast, I mean breakfast that contains vegetables. For me, this means a green smoothie every morning on weekdays.

I would love to cook some broccoli or bake zucchini bread, but I don’t have that kind of time in the morning. And I suspect you are the same.

That is why a smoothie is a great alternative! My green smoothie has a combination of vegetables and fruit with coconut water to ensure I get all the food groups. I usually prepare my smoothie the night before, so it is waiting for me in the morning.

It also means that if I skip lunch or have comfort food for dinner, I still deliver those needed nutrients to my body.

#4 Meditate

Gone are the days when meditation was reserved only for Buddhist monks. Nowadays meditation is widely popular, so there isn’t really an excuse not to do it.

And if sitting still is tricky for you, you can use one of the million guided meditations or meditation apps that are available out there. And if this still sounds too woo-woo to you, just sit for a few minutes and focus on your breathing.

Because that is what meditation is: conscious connection with your breath. One of the simplest ways to do it is to inhale through your nose on a count to four and exhale through your mouth on a count to four.

Meditating is extremely beneficial for your mental health. Our lives are so fast-paced that distractions come to us from many directions. The few moments you spend meditating may be the only time during the day when you stay focused and present.

Meditation is a practice. So, it is not about sitting for hours in the same position. It is committing to the act of meditation. Every single day.

I meditate every day for fifteen minutes. That’s it. I would love to meditate for longer, but I simply don’t have that much time in the morning. Remember, this is about consistency, not duration.

#5 Set Priorities

Journaling has become extremely popular, especially since the covid-19 pandemic happened. And although I try my best to journal every day, I must admit I still haven’t developed a habit.

But I set priorities every single morning. Setting priorities is an art, truly, but once you get a hang of it, it can be done in under 5 minutes.

The easiest way to start is to pick 3 big tasks for the day. Those should be tasks that are important to you. This may seem obvious but think about how many things you do during the day based on somebody else’s priorities.

I always set tasks before I start the day. So, it’s best to do it before you check your emails or start making calls. This way you can make sure that you follow your own agenda.

Create Your Morning Routine

So, there you have it. Now you see that creating a morning routine is not as complicated as you thought. What’s more, you may already be doing some of the activities.

Mornings don’t need to bring you stress anymore. You can stay focused, calm and confident that you achieve whatever you set your mind to.

What are you going to add to your morning routine today?

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