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Are you as resourceful as you think you are?

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Last year was confusing for most of us. Maybe we even found ourselves in challenging situations, often feeling disempowered, thinking there was no solution to the problem at hand. You may not recognise it yet, but the previous year made you more resilient and more resourceful than you think. And in today’s blog I want to show you how you can use your new skill of resourcefulness to your advantage.

How it all started

Humans are wired to think in negative patterns. It comes from our hunter-gather past. This ability was essential to our survival, so we polished it through the centuries and became masters at it. But in today’s world it works against you more often than you think. We tend to focus on what we are lacking rather on what we have got. We come up with reasons why we cannot do something, rather than what we can. We imagine horrifying scenes happening to us rather than calculating the facts. This once vital skill kept us alive, but now, it is turning out to be a dream crusher. The distinctive difference is that we need to shift our attention on things we can accomplish and leave the tendencies to catastrophising in the past. And there is a way to do it.

Finding success through resources

Well, it is all about our resources and how we use them. Look around you and you will see an ally of tangible and intangible resources ready to your disposal to help you manage the changes you set yourself to make. Are you wondering now if you have any resources to your disposal? I know you have!

A great way to start is to look into the past and ask yourself what worked well before? Have you tried eating better and you managed to do it for a while? What did you do that worked? What were you doing differently back then that you were able to stick to your diet? Use your hunter-gather ability and think about some challenges you faced in the past and the ways you overcame them. You must have had some because it got you to where you are now.

Tangible or intangible?

There are two types of resources: intangible and tangible.

Intangible resources are resources such as your skills, knowledge, strengths, belief system and the like. Those mental resources can help you shift your mindset and push you through the rough patch. They can help you with your emotional state so you can handle the next stressful situation a bit better. What intangible resources did you use last time you went on a diet? Did you develop some resilience and willpower? Were you saying you could do it and were you a champion for yourself?

Once you see how you can set your intangible resources to work for you, focus your attention on tangible resources. These are much easier to spot and use because they are in front of you. Ask yourself what support system you have in place to help you take control of your life? Is your family helping you to make better choices about the ways you spend your time? Or maybe your lovely dog can be taken for a walk more often so you can get that needed exercise? How the people around you can support you? And how about your environment? Can you see a possibility of using your environment to support you through your next challenge?


I am a strong believer that when you look around you, you can find a lot of resources to help you tackle that annoying habit, shift from ‘out of reach’ to ‘challenging’ state of mind and shine some light on those goals of yours. There is no better time than now to look at the last year events and make a list of all those skills which helped you to develop a ‘can do’ attitude and build confidence. Use this mental resource to your advantage to move forward in life. Add some tangible resources like your family, friends, pets or even cooking books to keep you on track. A simple mind shift can help you to go over the line and decide about your next success. But most importantly using resources will help you to take control of your life!

So, what resources do you use consistently to succeed in life?

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