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Feel full of ENERGY as soon as tomorrow morning.

And have the power to achieve anything!

Feeling unenergetic
isn’t fun.

When you don’t have the energy to get up in the morning, walk your dog, or play with your kids, it’s hard to enjoy life. Lacking energy from time to time is normal. But feeling tired, unmotivated, and depressed every single day is NOT right.

You deserve more.

Succulent Plant

Imagine what would you be able to DO if you had the energy.

  • feel motivated to exercise

  • handle your depressed moods better

  • laugh more

  • play with your kids

  • fit into your favourite pair of jeans or that dress you love

  • enjoy your work again

  • feel confident


Hey Energy Seeker!

Bouncing out of bed full of energy, welcoming the morning with a smile, and feeling confident that you can handle anything that life throws your way is not only how you enjoy life but how you thrive.


But what happens if you don’t have the energy to even get up? Feeling like a failure, right? ​​


I will put your mind at ease. I’ve been there. I was feeling unenergetic, unmotivated, and frustrated and I was battling depression and grief for many years. But it wasn’t until I developed a step-by-step plan to build healthy habits that I regained my energy. Now I get to coach other women these strategies, so they can build their energy, confidence, and zest in life. That could be you too. ​

You can feel full of energy!


Learn how to get energy through 3, easy to navigate time-friendly modules.


Get practical, actionable steps that you can use throughout your normal day.


Beat the stress, lack of motivation, and frustration, and love your life again.

Feeling tired before the day even started, letting the stress and frustration take over your mood, is not fun. It is normal to feel like there is something wrong with you. To tell the truth it can be unmotivating to figure out how to get started on your own.


You are not alone, and you are not broken for feeling that way.


You need a set of actionable steps to take to feel that energetic, confident, and lighter YOU deserve to be. My course will show you a clear step-by-step roadmap to get you started. You can feel full of energy as soon as tomorrow morning. Tell me, what would you be able to DO if you had the energy?

I’m busy too.


Go through the online course at your own pace, at the time when it suits you.  No appointments necessary or sitting in traffic required.


Get the most actionable and practical strategies that are backed up by the latest research in neuroscience, behavioral science, and cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) without the industry jargon or attending lectures.


No fluff approach. I want you to get clear results, not pretty tools that you put on a shelf to collect dust.  You will only learn strategies that give results.

Still on the fence and asking why should you buy this course?

It’s two-fold.


One: Your life. Currently, you are DIY-ing the whole thing. You don’t know what works and what doesn’t, and you don’t have a structure. So, you are trying EVERYTHING, and nothing works. This course will SAVE you TIME and funny enough ENERGY.


Two: You have somebody to show you the road and to keep you accountable. Hello! I am here to help you to build three of the most important healthy habits there are, coach you around any roadblocks you may have, and troubleshoot any pesky thoughts at a cost you spend monthly on a coffee.


So, are you coming?


Don't just take my word for it, hear from one of my clients:

I was feeling stressed and anxious and didn’t know where to start, I was feeling very overwhelmed. I was having problems with managing my time and staying focused.

My anxiety got so bad that I was holding my breath in the evening, not sleeping very well and feeling restless.


During the session with Anna, we created a step-by-step plan that I can easily follow. Anna coached me around feeling overwhelmed and time management, as well as helping me to build a morning routine, prioritize my tasks and stop being reactive throughout the day.


Thanks to Anna’s approach I set goals to ease my anxiety and added breathing exercises into my day which I’m finding very helpful. I am already seeing great results!

I feel calmer and I am more present and since starting my sessions I have not had a full on panic attack at all. I strongly recommend that you consider Anna as your coach if you are feeling stressed and anxious and struggling to manage your time! Thank you Anna!

Angie L.

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