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Welcome to the Green Vegetable Challenge!

What is it?

The Green Vegetable Challenge is super easy and lots of fun! Simply, from Monday, 14th to Friday, 18th March you will be challenged to eat one green vegetable a day!

This is the play:

1. Each morning (AEST) you will be given a green vegetable of the day to incorporate into your diet.

2. You will be given a recipe on how to prepare that vegetable and how to add it to your meal. Some vegetables will be cooked on their own and some will be part of an entire dish.

3. You will be provided with the shopping list in advance, so you have all the ingredients handy.

4. You are being challenged to take a photo of Yourself with the green vegetable of the day and tell us how you went with adding

it into your diet!

Green Goodness

Who is the challenge for?

Making Green Juice

The challenge is ideal for someone who:

  • is looking to incorporate more vegetables in their diet

  • is of a need to change their eating habits

  • is opened to try something new

  • isn't sure how to get all the nutrients into a meal by only using vegetables

  • wants to make a commitment to a better health

  • wants to be a part of a supportive and inspiring community

  • wants to have some fun

What will you get out of the challenge?

  •  Making any changes in your diet and lifestyle can be scary. But only by taking small, daily steps, you build healthy and sustainable habits.

  • The challenge is easy, within your capability to accomplish it, yet it is challenging enough so you can start taking the first steps towards a positive diet change.

  • It will boost your self-efficacy and prove that you are more than ready and willing to take control of your health and wellness.

  • Your brain will start forming new neural pathways. Neuroscience shows that for a habit to form, neurons need to fire together to wire together. To develop a new habit, you need to strengthen your neurons through repetition.

  • The challenge is run in my private, cozy FB Group: Accelerate with Anna Doktor: A Health and Wellness Goals Building Community for the busy professionals so you know that you will be surrounded by like-minded people.

So, what are you waiting for?

Join the challenge! It's FREE!

I can’t wait to see you inside!

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