The Stress Less Lab


Does this sound familiar to you?

o   You are always juggling something: either be it work, side hustle, family, social life, finances, you name it, but you don’t feel

     like you are present either here or there.

o   You often feel tired, stressed, overwhelmed and you never have time for anything really.

o   You want to eat healthy, but you don’t know where to start.

o   Maybe you’re feeling like your health is being compromised and you know you need to act now to prevent it from turning into a

     chronic condition.

o   You can’t seem to sleep through the night anymore.

o   You want to look after your body but you’re lacking motivation, time, and energy to stick to anything.

o   You’re trying to keep it all together, but you find yourself getting lost in substance abuse more often than you would like to


What if?

What if you could break free from the overwhelm once and for all?​

What if you were able to create time and energy, be more present in what you’re doing, and enjoy your life again?


What if you were to unclutter your mindset and take better care of your body through nutrition and body movement strategies that work for you?​

How about this:

  • You enjoy your life. As simple as that.

  • You’re calm.


  • You wake up in the morning full of energy and ready to face the day.

  • You feel light in your body and your mind.

  • You have the time to focus on the things that matter to you most.

  • You’re productive at work and you accomplish what you set to do so you can win the day!

Step into the Stress Less Lab

Stress and overwhelm are part of our lives now. There is no way of eliminating them. But it’s possible to break free from it by building your health and wellbeing from within.  Your health is the biggest treasure you will ever possess. Don’t throw away the keys. 

There are 3 pillars that build the foundation of Stress Less, regain control over them and build long-lasting health and wellness in your life.

Fresh Produce



Food is your fuel. If you put low quality fuel in, you can’t go anywhere. Rediscovering your relationship with food and taking control of the way you fuel and nourish your body and mind through food is a great start on your health journey.

Street Dancer

Body Movement

The mind – body connection is very powerful. You need to move your body to have the energy to carry you through your daily tasks, meet all your commitments and manage stress and overwhelm in your life.

Focused Mind



Conquer your mind and you will be unstoppable in your health and wellness journey. Your mind is the most powerful tool you have in your toolkit but are you using it to its full potential? Or are you letting your mind stop you from living a healthy and fulfilling life?

The first pillar of Stress Less is nutrition. Gaining knowledge of the major food groups and how they affect your body and mind is the edge you need to start your health and wellness journey. Rediscovering your relationship with food is vital. Do you stress eat, or do you use food to fuel yourself?



Through conquering the nutrition pillar, you will:

-understand how your body works and what it needs

-manage your weight

-balance your moods

-change your body image

-reduce your medication intake

-regulate offsets of food related intolerances

The second pillar of Stress Less is body movement. Gaining knowledge of the importance of mind and body connection will get you moving! Energy is produced by energy, so staying stationary is deadly. Do you deliver enough activity for your body to stay strong, or do you stay stationary?

Through conquering the movement pillar, you will:

-gain understanding about the importance of movement

-design the right amount of activity for your individual body needs

-build your personal exercise routine

-gain energy to do things which matter to you

-build a strong body

The third pillar in Stress Less Lab is mind.

Imagine that you can accomplish anything you want in life. You can! Gaining knowledge of how your mind works, what beliefs about yourself and the world you have, and how to tap to the most powerful tool into your possession, will make you the strongest and healthiest you’ve ever been.


Through conquering the mind pillar, you will:

-discover your limiting beliefs and overcome them

-build self-confidence and self-efficacy

-manage stress and overwhelm

-prepare yourself for any challenges life throws at you

-stop procrastinating and start being productive


It's time to take action.

1. Book your Stress Less Lab spot.

2. We’ll identify where you are, where you are heading, and why you feel like you are spinning out of control.


3. We design a personalised roadmap so you can break free from the overwhelm.





How does it work?


The Stress Less Lab includes 1:1 3 private coaching sessions with me, a certified Health and Wellness Coach.  I want you to get real results and new habits take time to build.

We will develop your personalised roadmap to build your nutritional and body movement needs that are aligned with your lifestyle and speed of life.

Mindset coaching to make shifts around stress, overwhelm, and how your body and mind experience it so we can tailor the best strategy to meet your needs.

You will build new healthy habits which are sustainable and supportive of your health and wellbeing.


There is an option of 6 1:1 private coaching sessions if you want to dive deep and take your health and wellness to another level. Click here for more information.

The Stress Less Lab gives you science-backed knowledge, common sense practicality, and fits within your busy lifestyle.



The Stress Less Lab is for you, if:

  • You're tired and sick of all the stress management techniques out there and want something that actually works.

  • You’re ready to put some work in and cut the BS.

  • You need a clear roadmap to take control of your stress and overwhelm.

  • You ​want to increase your energy and create more time.

  • You’re willing to let go of some old habits, and create habits that support you, your health and your lifestyle.

  • You want to build your health and wellbeing, so you have support from the within.



The Stress Less Lab is NOT for you, if:

  • You’re looking for some quick bandage fix.

  • You’re not committed to putting the work in.

  • You’re not ready to make behavioural changes.

Still, can't decide if The Stress Less Lab is for you?


Schedule a FREE 15min coaching appointment now so you can decide whether this is the right fit for you.