Time management mindset must-haves for a busy woman

Updated: May 10

Time managment mindset

Not having enough time can seriously impact your performance. Not only at work, but in your personal life too.

In our productivity obsessed lives, it is the norm that we are working long hours, feeling more tired, and lacking the time for almost anything. But that is only one side of the coin.

Lack of time is equal to a lack of energy.

And lack of energy has serious consequences. When you are busy, spinning many plates in the air, stuck in traffic, or missing a deadline, then having more energy, to do things in less time can seem like the only option to regain sanity.

For you to regain sanity, some mindset shifts around time management need to happen first. And today’s blog post will help you to make those mindset shifts so you can be productive and sane at the same time.

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Energy for mental and physical wellbeing.

One Extra Hour

Take a seat, close your eyes and imagine what would you be able to do if you had an extra hour in your day?

I don’t mean you had more time to fit more chores on your do-to-list. What would you do if all the projects for your kids’ school were done, all the business negotiations were completed, your dinners were cooked, and dishes cleaned? If there were no more places to go?

What is in your dream closet?

Maybe you want to write a book, do an art course, take up piano lessons, travel to India? Or maybe you want to have undisturbed me-time where you don’t have to feel responsible for others, or be accountable for the time to anyone?

You can have time for your dreams.

Mindset Must-Haves

I used to be the 'I don’t have any time' person. It was my mantra for a really long time. Why? I'll tell you a secret. It wasn’t because I didn’t have any time. No. It was because I didn’t pay any attention to time.

And it wasn’t until I understood the mindset must-haves around time management that I ultimately started having time. And I want you to master them too because only then you will be able to follow up on your dreams.

Mindset Must-Haves # 1

The first mindset shift that has to happen around time management is to understand the concept of time.

Time is a resource.

That is it. It is exactly the same resource as energy, money, or food. And the good news is that you already possess this resource!

You hold this very precious resource in your hand, and you are responsible for how it is used. The more conscious you are about how you spend your resource, what ROI you get, and who benefits, the more efficiently you will use it.

However, time is the only resource that cannot be multiplied. And that brings us to mindset must-have number 2.

Mindset Must-Haves # 2

We often want more time, but I want to tell you that having more time is not the issue here. Research shows that if we had more time, we would fill it up with more to-do things that we don’t want to do.

If you ask me, I don’t need more time to fill with things I am not interested in doing. We all have the same amount of time, and it is not possible to create more. So, the mindset shift is simple.

You need to manage the time you’ve got.

When you start managing what you have, it becomes clear that some activities should go, because they don’t bring any value into your life. Knowing how you want to spend your time is key here.

Because when you know that, you can make changes and incorporate your dreams into your day-to-day life.

Remember time is your most valuable asset, so you need to manage it.

Mindset Must-Haves # 3

If you are thinking about creating more time, forget it. When you say that you want to create something that cannot be created, you make it almost impossible to succeed.

But time must be managed. Preferably by you.

The mindset shift that needs to happen for you is that if you don’t manage your time, somebody else will. Why?

Because there will always be another client who wants something extra, there will be your friend who needs this one more favour, there will be another episode of your favourite show to watch.

Your time (AKA resource) is very valuable, so it makes sense that others want some of it. But it is pretty obvious, that if others allocate your time, you won’t have any to use.

Depending on the stage of life you are at, some of your time will be already allocated and you won’t be able to change it. For the time being, that is.

It makes it even more important that you take the first dips in managing the time that you have available.

Manage Your Time

I hope that you see now that you can have the time, and energy to follow your dreams. We often feel like if we only had more time, we would be able to do it all.

And I want to second that, but it is not only about having more time.

Those mindset must-haves will change the way how you look a time.

Firstly, time is a resource. So as any good financial planner will tell you, you need to learn how to manage it wisely to get the ROI that you want.

Secondly, time is the only resource that cannot be multiplied, and you cannot create more of it. That is why is so important that you manage what you have got.

Thirdly, if you don’t manage your most precious resource, somebody else will. Time is called a resource for a reason. Everyone wants a piece of it. So, it is entirely up to you, who gets to manage it.

So, what is your dream? Can you find the time to follow through?

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