Are you ready to set New Year's Resolutions? If you want to succeed, you need to read this!

Wow, what a year that has been! A lot of things happen, and a lot of shifts took place not only in the global arena but in our lives too. But here, comes the new year and it is time to look into what it will bring us.

If you dread setting the New Year goals, I would like to give you a few tips on how to change this feeling. Let’s be honest, most of us set New Year’s Resolutions but don’t follow through. We have a list of goals, stuck to our fridge, which on most days haunts us more than motivates us to action. And I get it, I have been there too. But with some of the finest tweaks, you can make the next year the year of You! In today’s blog post I share three tips to make you succeed next year, no matter what. And in addition, I created this free downloadable 5 planning strategies to manage your time better so you can achieve more and feel in control of your day cheat sheet so you can make sure, you have the time to smash those goals of yours! Grab it here.

#Take a stock of the past year

We don’t like acknowledging ourselves for all the good we received. And I want to tell you that not all that happened to you this year was bad. Maybe you didn’t smash your goals the way you wanted, maybe some external circumstances altered your plans and you needed to pivot. But I can guarantee that there was a lot of good that happened too. And before you can make a room for something new, you need to see all the good in your life from this year.

Reflection is a part of letting go. Reflecting on all the positive things that happened to you through the year, will help you build self-confidence so that after all, you can make things happen. But it will also help you to see where you might have possibly come up short.

We want to achieve our goals right now, preferably this week. Following this way of thinking it's easy to forget that sometimes it may take a little bit longer to get to where we want to be. Thanks to reflection you can see the missing link. Maybe your goals were too bold to achieve in twelve months? That is OK. You can see it now, so you can adjust for next year.

#2 Set achievable goals

I trust that you want to achieve all your goals, after all, that is why you have them! But there are different types of goals. Some goals are a little bit bigger than others, so it will take you a bit longer than twelve months to achieve them. The beauty of setting yearly goals is that you have a clear deadline. Your goal needs to be challenging, which will make you stretch a bit, but it should not be out of reach.

Your goal may be to get married, but if you are not planning for it, or not even in a long-term relationship, then comes December and you may have some hard discussions with yourself. How would you break such a big goal into something that you can accomplish within the next twelve months?

Or maybe you are dreaming about living in an exotic destination, in a nice house on the beach? But how close are you to this scenario? Are you financially able to do it? Have you even picked a destination? What can you do in the next twelve months to come up closer to your dream?

#3 Break it

We often can find ourselves being shocked that the whole year has passed, and we were planning on doing something and the time got from under us. Now, it is December, and our goal is in the early development stage.

Creating mid-year, and quarterly checks can definitely help and should be part of our yearly goal planning. You need to know if you are heading in the right direction, and if not, you have the time to change it. However, I believe that your yearly goal is part of your day.

It will depend on the magnitude of your goal but breaking it into daily actions is the ultimate way to achieve it. You won’t climb Mt. Everest if you hike one mountain, you won’t lose those extra kilos if you go to the gym once, and you won’t learn to swim if you go to the swimming pool once.

Only by consistent, daily actions you will build momentum and come close to your end goal. How big your daily actions need to be, will be determined by how big your goal is.


I am most likely the biggest optimist when it comes to time. I never can anticipate how much time things will take. But the truth is that things will always take more time than you think. That is probably my biggest reflection of the passing year.

Breaking your big goals into a yearly goal, with a deadline of twelve months will set you for success. It doesn’t mean that your goal needs to be boring, or you feel like you are not getting something.

Accept the fact that some things need preparation, logistics, and a different perspective. Give yourself time to accommodate that, and you will be closer to your goal.

Just setting a goal for a year and waiting until the 31st of December to realise you didn’t do anything about it, won’t make you feel any good. That is why your yearly goal needs to reflect your daily actions. You can only get somewhere if you take steps. It doesn’t matter how small or big, as long as you continuously take them.

As they say in meditation, to make space for something new, we need to thank for what we have got. Take stock of the passing year, acknowledge all the good that happened to you and plan those bold goals for the next year! I can’t wait to see you achieve them!

And don’t forget to grab your 5 planning strategies to manage your time better so you can achieve more and feel in control of your day cheat sheet so you can make sure, you have the time to smash those goals of yours! Click here.

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