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with Anna Doktor:

A Health and Wellness

Goals Building


    for the busy professionals.

A FREE PRIVATE Community for people who want to take their health and wellness to the next level.

Tools to make healthy decisions that support your health and wellness journey  

Tips to nourish yourself through healthy food

Hacks to be productive and feel more in control of your day

Ways to stop the glorification of busyness

Ideas to incorporate body movement techniques into your busy lifestyle

Mindset tricks to change your limiting beliefs

Inspirations to stay energetic

Motivation to show up as Your Best Self

Connection with like-minded people who understand you

Strategies to STRESS LESS and enjoy your life more

What you’ll get by being part of this community:


Knowing what is best for us to stay healthy, fit, and in a positive mindset is easy. But taking action on what we know requires commitment.

You deserve to live in optimal health and wellness.  So, are you committed to taking action to make it happen?

Anna xx

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